Let's change The Flow

Although the blog has an amazing traffic, compared to what I expected when I started it.. 🙊 and I know a lot of people reading it, I still feel like there's room for some improvements. During this few months break I took from writing, I've been to amazing places and met fantastic people from the community worldwide. I certainly learned a lot and got inspired to make All The Flow, and my conference talks even better.

So let's..

Change the focus 🔍

I'd like to move away from long and quite detailed stories about the technologies I used and try to focus on certain problems. My plan is to compose posts about all I went through researching, creating, or trying out existing solutions. I think it leads to a more naturally organized content and might be a bit easier for you to apply to your context.

Interact 💬

I would love to have even more feedback for the posts in the blog. Cutting off some abstraction, going a level lower seems like a good way to trigger interaction. Posts gonna be more about "finding ways of .. in Cocoa/Swift/etc.", rather than telling my story about the results of series of technical decisions on a complex project. Makes sense, right? 😏

Listen to the vibes 📢

Another influence is the attitude Swift brought to the community. I like that it's easier for people to create things with it, they produce tons of clever things day by day, it's even hard to follow. I'd like to leverage this gift and create my own, or make use of these several new, smaller frameworks. Small in the means of I can read what it does from its code in a reasonable timeframe and pull it in without worrying about my dependencies growing over my head. 🙆🏽

Do more touch 📱

The most personal aspect is that I stopped working on Mac apps and now I'm gonna work on iOS again, so I expect more iOS related struggle in my life, which means more iOS specific problems, alias posts to come. 🎊

If you have ideas about how to make All The Flow better, now is the time to shape it. Leave a comment, or tweet me, every feedback is much appreciated!

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